Home Staging services are available in a variety of packages whether you need Occupied Home Staging or Vacant Home Staging.  Give us a call and we can determine the package that makes sense for your needs.  

Occupied Home Staging Services 

The Staging Consult                                       Price Based on Service Option Selected

This service is for homeowners that are seeking professional staging advice to maximize the look and feel of their home to attract multiple buyers. 

  • We will walk through your home and review the best ways to refresh each room to highlight the strengths and downplay any detractors.

Service options:  

1.  Verbal - This is a great option for anyone that feels comfortable implementing the action items based on capturing their own detailed notes as we walk through the home, inside and out.  
Property <2500 Sq. Ft.                                                                                                                                                                                      $175
Property >2500 Sq. Ft  

 2. Written Report - This is a great option for anyone that wants to receive a prepared report with the recommendations outlined room by room.  The homeowner still participates in the walk through but leaves the note details to us.  The report also includes additional general industry staging tips and tricks for selling your home.

Property <2500 Sq. Ft.                                                                                                                                                                                      $200
Property >2500 Sq. Ft        

The Hands-On Photo Prep                                                                                Half Day $400

                                                                                                                                 Whole Day $750

Need more assistance? This is a hands-on service where we work together to transform the primary areas of your home using the recommendations from the initial Staging Action Plan.  Your home will then be ready for great  listing photos by a professional photographer (Professional photography not included in service).

  • We complement your existing furnishings and complete the look with accessories we bring in for the day or with items you've purchased based on the consultation.
  • A four hour timeframe typically suits a house up to 2500 sq. ft.  Full day (8 hours) for houses >2500 sq. ft. 

Home must be prepped (ie painted, maintenance items completed, and cleaned prior to stager arriving. 

 Hourly rate applies for additional time.  Photographer is not included in service.  

Vacant Home Staging Services 

Customized Vacant Home Staging                                                            Proposal Based

This service transforms vacant properties into appealing spaces to make an emotional connection with buyers.

  • Furniture helps define a frame of reference for size & scale of a room
  • Furnishings make a space more inviting and appealing
  • Vacant spaces provide an empty canvas to create a model home look through the use of fabulous furniture and accessories 

A successful makeover requires the home to be cleaned and prepped before the staging day.

Color Consultations 

Paint Color Consultations                                                 $100/Hour, 1 Hour Minimum                                           

Do you want to change your paint color but get lost in all the possibilities?  This service is all about being provided  the right paint colors for your space based on existing color cues in the rooms, your color sensitivity and preferences, and current trends.   

  • We start with an initial pre-appointment phone conversation to gather important information so you get the most out of the color consultation. 
  • You will be provided a top recommended color with up to two additional choices. Large paint samples (on paper) will be provided in order to help you make the final decision.